SKAM helped VTB and Rostelecom to create a stunning style for their joint company — Platforma of Big Data

About VTB, Rostelecom
and Platforma
About VTB

VTB Group is a global provider of financial services, comprised of over 20 credit institutions and financial companies operating across all key areas of the financial markets.
VTB Group’s global network is unique to the Russian banking industry. It enables the group to facilitate international partnerships and promote Russian companies aiming to engage with global markets.
VTB Group operates a large international network across CIS countries; Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. VTB also has banks in Austria and Germany which are part of the European sub-holding headed by VTB Bank (Europe) SE. The Group also has subsidiary and affiliated banks in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Georgia and Angola and branches in China and India and VTB Capital has branch in Singapore.
About Rostelecom

PJSC "Rostelecom" is Russia’s largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions, with presence in all market segments and covering millions of households, governmental and private organizations.
The Company maintains leading positions in the market of high-speed Internet access and PayTV services with over 13.5 million broadband Internet subscribers and some 10.8 million Rostelecom PayTV subscribers of which over 6.3 million subscribers are connected to the Interactive TV services. Rostelecom’s wholly owned subsidiary Tele2 Russia is now a major player on the mobile communications market with over 46.6 million subscribers, and the leader in terms of NPS (Net Promoter Score) index reflecting willingness of users to recommend company’s services to others.

About Platforma

A joint venture between VTB and Rostelecom, established in 2020. The company develops business tools based on big data: personalization services, geospatial analysis, sales planning, advertising platforms, as well as developing IT infrastructure.

— One of the key factors in the perception of the brand is its name. It should be clear and easy to pronounce. Our team developed the perfect naming for this project.

Brand name can be perfectly used for the company's multifarious technological directions: geospatial analysis, advertising pragmatics, lead generation, etc.
CD, Co-Founder SKAM
Meet the Logo
Here he is the main hero of the Platforma — lowercase letter "p"
The lowercase "p" became a capital letter thanks to efforts and desire
to be higher, better, stronger!
— The first thing a person sees when making visual contact with a brand is the color system. When developing and selecting colors for the corporate style of the Platforma, we took into account many factors, including the corporate colors of the shareholder companies.

The resulting gamut of Inky Blue and Electric Orange fully reflects the company's philosophy and mission. Inky Blue means scale,
stability and confidence. Electric Orange — a look into the future, development and innovative technologies of the company.
CD, Co-Founder SKAM
With these colors in the style you will definitely attract attention to yourself and will stand out in a competitive environment!
We also created and added to the style a special message that further specifies the business of the Company
The style flows easily onto any product — making each object with a distinct character
In a digital environment the style of the Platforma feels confident and comfortable!
He's just as comfortable outside!
It's Big Data Time!
— Many people traditionally associate big data with something heavy and completely incomprehensible. We made it our goal to make the brand as easy to perceive as possible, while at the same time clearly reflecting its technological nature. The second feature of the visual solution was that we abandoned the prefix "Big data" and made the name through. The "Platforma" brand will be universal for all the products the company will offer: from a geoanalytics platform to property valuation and advertising
Alexey Kashtanov
Chief Executive Officer of Platforma

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