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SKAM helped Alibaba create a Cyrillic logo for Cainiao
Russia Welcomes Cainiao
About Cainiao
Cainiao Smart Logistics Network Limited, is a Chinese logistics company launched by Alibaba Group, jointly with eight other companies, on 2013. Cainiao — one of the largest unicorn companies in China, valued at $15 billion.

Cainiao company ensures delivery within 24 hours to any region of the country, and it reduces waiting hours. The company is also based on a resource sharing pattern with a number of well-known delivery businesses.
Cainiao's cross-border logistics solutions are primarily focused on serving merchants on Alibaba's marketplaces, including the outbound AliExpress and Taobao International, on which products are shipped overseas from China, and the inbound platform Tmall Global, on which overseas products are shipped to China.

Through its big-data technology, Cainiao also helps Alibaba extend its e-commerce network across China's vast rural area and population.

Cainiao has adopted a new approach to logistics. Collaborative platform spans delivery, warehouse, pick-up, rural and cross-border logistics. The platform connects partners, enables data collection and empowers a more efficient service that benefits both the collaborating parties and end-users.

A slogan that delivers the essence of company in Russian
—  Guys from SKAM do not just create designs. They create meanings. A legend. Working with them was like psychotherapy for me, where you experience a range of different emotions — doubt, surprise, fear, but in the end — delight. Because they manage to get into your subconscious, lure the real you out of there and visualize it! They have no boundaries and rules, no authorities and doubts. They see the heart of the brand and make it beat!
Vyacheslav Savin
CEO Cainiao Russia
Press Release
Alexey Maslov, Creative Director and Co-Founder of SKAM:

— First of all, I want to express my gratitude to Alibaba Group for trusting our team. We had the task, for the first time in the history of Alibaba Group, to adapt the style of the largest logistics company Cainiao for the local market. One of the most important tasks was to transliterate the Cainiao name accurately and correctly visually. We have developed a detailed brandbook for Russia and laid the principle of scaling it to other markets.

Slava Kuteev, Creative Director and Co-Founder of SKAM:
— Developing the adaptation of Cainiao style for Russia and considering the first experience of its kind for the company, we have created a system, which in the future will be applied to localize not only the graphic principles of "Cainiao" in other markets, but also to produce objects in the already recognized corporate style. Our team is involved in the development of other company projects, which you will be able to see in the near future.


July 25, 2021
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