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SKAM helped Alibaba Group to create a Cyrillic logo for Cainiao
Russia Welcomes Cainiao
About Cainiao

Founded in 2013, Cainiao Network ("Cainiao") is a global industrial internet company and the logistics arm of Alibaba Group. As part of its commitment to create customer value, it adopts a collaborative approach to logistics that aims to improve efficiency and customer experience for all players along the supply chain. It carries forward Alibaba's mission of making it easy to do business anywhere by aiming to deliver anywhere in China within 24 hours, and across the globe within 72 hours.
Nihao Cainao in Russia
In addition to creating a Cyrillic version of the logo,
we developed new corporate identity guidelines
The adapted version of the logo looks harmonious with the main
— After a year of working with end customers, we understood that the brand definitely needs localisation for future expansion. Of course, we could put it up with incorrect pronunciation and spelling and end up with a bunch of jokes, as many Chinese b2c-brands do, but this greatly affected the brand awareness increase. At that time we counted more than 15 spelling variations. As part of the project, our challenge was to fully localize the brand name and develop a local identity while maintaining continuity with our global style. Cainiao was the first and only Alibaba Group brand with a country-specific brand identity.

SKAM team did its job in the best possible way, coming up with an ideal option that was approved by both the company's Russian office and headquarters in China.
Anton Panteleev
CCO Cainiao Russia
Beautiful and comfortable Goods — one of the brightest channels of communication with customers to increase brand awareness
— For us, this is a completely new experience, which has never been used by the company. But we took into account all the wishes we received from our clients and partners. Already now we have collected several dozen variations of the former reading and it does not help at all to recognize a new company with a name that is difficult for the Russian ear. Now our entire visual communication will be duplicated in Russian, including a specially designed logo for Russia
Vyacheslav Savin
CEO Cainiao Russia
Press Release
Alexey Maslov, Creative Director and Co-Founder of SKAM:

— First of all, I want to express my gratitude to Alibaba Group for trusting our team. We had the task, for the first time in the history of Alibaba Group, to adapt the style of the largest logistics company Cainiao for the local market. One of the most important tasks was to transliterate the Cainiao name accurately and correctly visually. We have developed a detailed brandbook for Russia and laid the principle of scaling it to other markets.

Slava Kuteev, Creative Director and Co-Founder of SKAM:

— Developing the adaptation of Cainiao style for Russia and considering the first experience of its kind for the company, we have created a system, which in the future will be applied to localize not only the graphic principles of "Cainiao" in other markets, but also to produce objects in the already recognized corporate style. Our team is involved in the development of other company projects, which you will be able to see in the near future.


September 13, 2021

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