Client: Vetcity
We developed a new naming, identity and business development strategy for a company that caters to all areas of pet life
SKAM is officially the supplier of all design solutions for the company
Vetcity is a team of highly professional specialists who have come together to create new standards for the care of pets.
About Vetcity /
Red symbolizes humans and blue symbolizes pets
Photo by Alexander Murashkin
It's just an incredible feeling to work with the SKAM team. We got 500% more than we expected!
Linda Arslanova
Managing Partner
and co-founder of Vetcity
Sergey Ponomarenko
Managing Partner
and co-founder of Vetcity
New brand strategy, visual identity and online presence for Pure Waste, who creates fabrics and garments from recycled materials in a responsible and ethical manner.
Attentive to animals. And people.
In the whole brand communication, pets are in the foreground, they are our main heroes!
Stunning care
for everyone!

SKAM has
a special line
of corporate

Retail Brand /
We came up with a special slogan and name for the Vetcity retail brand that reflects the company's philosophy
Setting new professional standards and being trendy is about Vetcity
With the new identity, we helped separate the company's main brand
from its products
The Clinic has its own logo and distinctive style,
but with a reference to the parent brand
A powerful message in a simple form.
—  Guys from SKAM do not just create designs. They create meanings. A legend. Working with them was like psychotherapy for me, where you experience a range of different emotions — doubt, surprise, fear, but in the end — delight. Because they manage to get into your subconscious, lure the real you out of there and visualize it! They have no boundaries and rules, no authorities and doubts. They see the heart of the brand and make it beat!
Tutta Larsen
Influencer. Rebel. Mother.
Feel the difference.
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